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The map shows the spatial distribution of time-averaged maximum bed shear stress generated by the combined action of waves and currents in the southern North Sea. The current data were calculated by the TRIM model. The wave data were calculated by the WAM model. The time-averaging period is over the years 2010 to 2014. The skin-friction bed shear-stress (or bottom friction) is the frictional force exerted on unit area of sea bed generated by currents and/or waves. It is usually given in “Newton per m2”. The skin-friction bed shear-stress τ is an important quantity for sediment transport purposes (Soulsby 1997). So it may be assumed that τ also represents a relevant impact on benthic fauna. According to Soulsby (1997), “the bed shear stresses beneath combined waves and currents are enhanced beyond the values which would result from a simple linear addition of the wave-alone and current-alone stresses. This occurs because of a non-linear interaction between the wave and current boundary layers.” The bed shear stresses generated by the combined action of waves and currents are commonly represented (a) by the mean and (b) by the maximum bed shear stress during a wave cycle. The map shows the maximum bed shear stress τCW.MAX. The most important task of τCW.MAXin a sediment transport model is the erosion of bottom sediment. The spatial distribution of τCW.MAXin the southern North Sea shows the characteristics of both the current bed shear stress τCand the wave bed shear stress τW. The high values of τCW.MAXin the Southern Bight and along the English coast are due to high τCvalues (resulting from strong tidal currents), while the high values of τCW.MAXin shallow areas (e.g. Dogger Bank) are due to high τWvalues.

Map Name: Maximum Shear Stress


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